John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Russ (Rascal) Endy
From the Class of '55 Photograph contributed by Russ Endy '55

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Russ Endy entry:
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Hey folks!

This is Russ Endy, one of the three boys graduating with the class of "55". I'm using Dick Naus' (another one of the three) computer to send this since I'm at his house right now. He actually has an original class picture. The other boy graduating was Lee Rodgers: he's still living in Chestnut Hill. Still remember the girls in the class also. Will get back later with more info and stuff I remember. Will forward some pix also.

           Russ "Rascal" Endy

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hello Russ!

Well this is great to hear from you, and also to hear that Richard Naus is well. Thanks for writing us and would love to see your picture up top. Please write again soon!

Michael Stevenson '68

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