John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Carol Goldstein 67'

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Michael Stevenson entry:
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Carol, we are glad we found you.

Carol Goldstein [Berger] entry:
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Hi Michael,

  Yesterday I was having lunch with Lauren Vanett, my teacher in a
wonderful six-week class I took a few months ago. While talking,
we found out that we grew up in Philadelphia and began to understand
why we felt a warm familiarity towards one another. As we asked more
questions, it turns out that we lived two blocks from each other and
rode the same school bus to Jenks. Lauren was in the class of 68 and
I was in the class of 67.  We had so much fun at lunch, reminiscing 
about Ms. Jaeger and her wonderful stories, our class song, all the
friends we remembered and the many happy memories we had of growing
up in Mt Airy and going to John Story Jenks. 

  Please add me to the class of 67... then I was Carol Goldstein. My
favorite teacher was Mrs. Newman. It was fun having a piano in the
classroom and being in the Thanksgiving school play that year. It was
also the year of my first crush... Evan Frank. I wonder where he is
these days. Mrs Newman thought I was cheating on a test once because
I used to like to sit close to him. :-)

Now I live in Berkeley, CA and love it here. I was a real estate agent
and manager for many years and then a training program developer and
coach/consultant. I have three children and two little grandchildren.
Life is good!  Someday I will go back to Philadelphia and visit our
alma mater. 

Thanks for bringing us all together on the web!

Carole Goldstein Berger
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