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Barbara Jacobs '60

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Barbara, we are searching for *you.

Barbara Jacobs entry:June 21, 2011
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Hi John,

I am Barbara Jacobs, friends may remember me as Bobbie Jacobs. I think I graduated in 1960.  I have so many
memories of JS Jenks, because it was one of the best times of my life.

In my class were many names I remember and I will list as many as I can.

Joel Kremer

Lon Davis

Lois Chaikin

Dale Faigenbaum

Suzanne Gities

Paul Kerper

Kay Massaro

Alan Kipp

Ronnie Riever

Artie Gilmore

Barry Nelson

Alan or Paul Thistethwaite

Barry Newman

Tommy Finley

Dina Corman

Franklin Farmer

Joyce Atkinson 

Ray Bencivenga

I wish I could remember more.

But add them to the class list please. 

My class put on a performance of Hansel and Gretel, and we had an amazing choir (cannot think of the name
of the teacher).  Joey (Kremer) was Hansel and I think Joyce was Gretel.

I remember the Ginko trees in the schoolyard, and our bus driver Mr. Joe. 

I remember the May Fair, where we danced around the Maypole and bought peppermint sticks that we stuck
into lemons.  We could buy little things for sale.

We played hopscotch every day before school started, and yes, dodge ball at recess. 

No one has mentioned Miss Stiltz.  She was my 2B or 3A teacher.  She had major anger issues, and would hit
us on the hands with a yardstick. 

I loved Mrs. Newman and Mr. Fine, and Mr. Gershman.  I loved the Christmas assemblies where we would sing
Christmas Carols and the Spring Assembly where we sing beautiful spring songs, like, “When March Winds Blow” .  

Anyway, my email is, and I am also on Facebook under Bobbie Jacobs.  I am currently
a psychotherapist and have a solo private practice. I live in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. after living in Baltimore,
Boston, and Connecticut. 

I’m attaching a picture.

Why am I unable to fill in the entry right on the website?

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