John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Bernard Kafes '61
Contributor of the Class of '61 Photograph

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Bernard (Bud) Kafes entry:
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This is truly a blast from the past.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw on the web site a photo of...ME!! This is such a wonderful remembrance of the past. I think I weigh the same now as I did then!

I am sorry, but I don't remember too many names from the class that I graduated with because I was only with them for 8th grade. Unfortunately there are no autographs on the back of my photo :(

It would be great if we had a photo of the class of 60 because I went from K to 8a with most of them. I will at least list those names when I get a chance.

I remember the names from the class of 56 however, since I was a younger brother and I remember especially Kenny (Kendall) Wallace whose older brother was in class of 56 with Robert.

BTW, I was in the Naval Reserve and served on active duty from Jan 66 to Dec 68 as a Communications Technician but was never on a ship.

Regards to all....Buddy Kafes

Bernard (Bud) Kafes
All City Computer Telephone Services
Telecomm Consulting Services

Bernard (Bud) Kafes entry:
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I was quite pleased to have stubled upon your Jenks website.

I have enclosed a scan of my 1961 Jenks graduation photo. It was taken with us at the side (Main) entrance, but not showing the school. I was the one not wearing a sport coat.

This site brought back a lot of memories. After all, I spent eight (Well, eight and a half :) years of my life there.

There were a few teachers that I remember, but I don't see their names on your site.

  • Miss Wholey taught Five B.(I think).
  • Miss Turney (Elizabeth Arabela) taught 8b math, then Eighth grade math after the change to yealy grade levels in 1960.
  • Miss Stalker taught 4A & or B I think.
There are some other names, but I am not sure of them.

BTW, I think that I am related to Steven Israel, he is a second cousin but I have lost contact with that side of our family.

My brother, Robert, graduated from Jenks in 1956 I think.

Anyway, thanks for the memories, I hope I can contribute more info.

Bernard (Buddy) Kafes

Bernard (Bud) Kafes
All City Computer Telephone Services
Telecomm Consulting Services

Michael Stevenson entry:
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02/27/2006 Bernard, it was absolutely wonderful to hear from you, and to receive for the benefit of all here, this wonderful and priceless in my view photograph of your class. I was certainly attending Jenks during the time of your graduation but was certainly in the younger classes. But we did take note of the senior classmates and it will be a pleasure to search out this photo to see who and how many I or others may recognize. A photo such as this one of your graduating class certainly reflect the wonderful school that John Story Jenks was and therefore is.

Thank you so much for sharing,
-- Let's talk!
--- Michael Stevenson

Original Post: Bernard, we are searching for you.

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