John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Cheryl Massaro
From the Class of '60 Photograph contributed by Cheryl Massaro

Beginning Year: Ending Year: Graduation Year:
1952 1960 1960

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Cheryl Massaro entry:
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Thanks for doing this page -- there was a Jenks reunion many years back when Mr. ? was the principal. All classes were invited to attend. Why don't you put something in the local paper about this page and try to get some publicity for it?
Cheryl Massaro

My Mother Anne Massaro was the crossing guard at Germantown & Gravers Lane for 17 years -- I'm sure many of the old safety patrol would remember her.
Michael Stevenson entry:
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It was my pleasure to meet Cheryl Massaro, who has brought back many wonderful memories of John Story Jenks school for me. The foremost of which is that of her mother, Mrs. Anne Massaro our beloved Crossing Guard. Thanks so much for writing, Cheryl!

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