John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Carol Millinghausen
From the Class of '66 Photograph contributed by Carol Millinghausen '66

Contributor's Entries
Carol Millinghausen:

4/6/2005 - Michael: O.K. This website really has my attention. Here's the funny story about my dad and Miss Neuman. My dad attended Jenks K-8 and I believe he would have been in the class of '42, but I'm checking with him. He has his class picture which I hope to scan and send along as well. Anyway, my sister, class of 1969, had Miss Neuman - 4th grade I think. It was parent conference night and my dad went to her class, my mom to mine. Well, Miss Neuman told my father that on the first day of class, without looking at her roster, she looked around at the class. Sitting in the corner in the back row was my sister. Miss Neuman looked at my sister and said, "I forgot to let him out of the corner!" She knew my sister was Harry Millinghausen's daughter on sight. My dad apparently knew the corner of Miss Neuman's room quite well. Back to work for me. I'll write more at another time.

Carol Millinghausen

4/6/2005 - Michael: Here is the second shot. I also have my autograph book and will scan some of those pages. Miss Schuler was my all time favorite teacher and first to sign: same as yours. Vicki Ketterer was my best friend: she was the second page.

Carol Millinghausen

4/6/2005 - Michael: Job well done! Please excuse the note to me from my husband (can you tell we're newly weds?) He scanned the class of 1966 picture twice - take your pick. I'll send in another e-mail, the names of the classmates. I'm middle row, second from the left next to Beverly Fairweather and Wendy Cherici. I keep going back to the website - it's delightful. Not only did my sister, Donna attend Jenks, but my father! I have a funny story to write to you about that. Let me know if you need any assistance...a reunion of the '60's people would be great.

Carol Millinghausen

P.S. I was very sorry to learn Glenn Garrison had passed. I loved Glenn: he sat behind me in 5th grade and was just a sweetie. I remember he broke his front tooth at recess and sat at his desk the rest of the day flipping it over and over. I couldn't believe he wasn't in pain!

Michael Stevenson entry:

4/6/2005 - "THRILLED!" That is at least one of the many happy words I can use to describe the happiness of receiving your message Carol. Hi everyone, Carol has made a major contribution to the John Story Jenks '60's era website with her submission of the 1966 Class photo and many of the names to go with it.

Carol, thank you so much, thanks to your new husband for his help and this is a great story you have shared about Mrs. Neumann. Keep those stories coming!

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