John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Tim Tisdale '73
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Michael Stevenson entry:
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Tim, it's great to see you here, and thank you for sharing your photos!.

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Profession:Computer and Electronics Technician, Division of Aviation, City of Philadelphia
Status:Divorced, breathing, very happy.
Current Location:Philadelphia, PA
Comment:Mike, the site is beautiful. It's truly amazing what you've been able to do here. I thank you very much. I have some artifacts stored away also. I'll begin sending images to you for your archive. Shout out to my old Safety Patrol buddy, Larry Staib.
Bonus Photos:

Tim in April 2007

with my younger brother Ben (class of '75) in 1965, when I started Kindergarden at Jenks, and in 1975 0n my 16th birthday. I'm the one pointing and Jill Forest (class of '73) is behind my hand.

...class of '73 graduation reception, held in the Jenks gym. Behind me are Andrea Ferguson, left, then Lucy Richards. Behind me is Karlyn King. (I may be misspelling her name. Teacher Barry Berg is on the far left with his back turned.