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"C"  Sacred
"C" (Secular)
Calendars, Christmas, Chronology, Church, Circumcision, Commentary, Countries, Creeds, Crucifixion, Cyrus,
Calendar: Adar II The specifics of Adar II
Calendar: Hebrew Conversion Cal.#1 Conversion by, Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar
Calendar: Hebrew Conversion Cal.#2 Conversion by www.hebrewcalendar.net
Calendar: Hebrew Conversion Cal.#3 Conversion by HaYom applets
Calendar: History ...of Hebrew, Julian, Gregorian Calendars
Calendar: "Jewish Calendar" A Description from www.jewfaq.org
Calendar: "Jewish Calendar" A Description of operation from www.newadvent.org
Calendar: "Jewish Calendar" Produce a Calendar for the Current Month, from Bayt
Calendar: Calendar Zone A Huge Calendar Resource Page
Camping, Harold
Camping, Harold: Family Radio President & Founder of Family Stations Inc.
The Family Radio Website
Camping, Harold: Family Radio Teachings of Harold Camping
Camping: Opposition To:
Camping, Harold: The Opposition #1 scionofzion.com opposition to teaching of the end of the church age
Camping, Harold: The Opposition #2 familyradioiswrong.com opposition to end of the church age
Camping, Harold: Dr. Gabriel Ortero responses Dr. Ortero is the former head of the Family Radio, Radio School of the Bible
Camping, Harold: Dr. Joel Nederhood indictment with audio  
Camping, Harold: Jerry Edinger Biography Jerry Edinger is/was the 34 year host of "Nightwatch" program on Family Radio. He resigned at the end of 2002. His resignation statement is at the Opposition#1 link shown above.
Mount Carmel Pictures and Info
Carcrash! A True Story
Chick Tracts Chick Publications; Jack T. Chick
Chick: FAQ RC Chick Publications
China: China People's Daily Apparently the State owned News Service
China: A Country Study Library of Congress
China: Tiananmen Square "The Gate of Heavenly Peace" Frontline
"Christ" -- The Title Analysis of the Title
Christmas: Expose; Ten Facts About the Christmas Holiday Michael Stevenson
Christmas: Directory Directory of Articles
Christmas: Santa Claus - The Spirit of Christmas Richard Clark
Christmas: Too Long Too Long in the Sun
Chronology: of the Bible Dates that the books were written
Chronology: Chronology Moses and the Judges
Chronology: Babylon Kings of Babylon
Chronology: Egypt Kings of Egypt
Chronology: Greece Kings of Greece
Chronology: Israel Kings and Prophets of Israel
Chronology: Israel (JUDAH) Kings and Prophets of JUDAH
Chronology: Persia Kings of Persia
Chronology: Rome #3 Roman Emperors, Governers, Kings during the time of Christ
Church (Leadership)
Church: Back to the Bible Broadcaster: Woodrow Kroll
Church: Campus Crusade for Christ Bill Bright
Church: CBN Broadcasters: Christian Broadcasting Network, 700 Club
Church: CRI Broadcasters: Christian Research Institute
Church: Ever Increasing Faith Mins. Broadcasters: Fred Price
Church: Broadcasters: Family Stations Inc., Harold Camping
Church: Focus On The Family Broadcasters: James Dobson
Church: In Touch Ministries Dr. Charles Stanley
Church: Jack Van Impe JVI Ministries; Jack & (the beautiful) Rexella Van Impe
Church: Jews for Jesus  
Church: Joni and Friends Joni Eareckson Tada
Church: Love Center Ministries Bishop Walter Hawkins
Church: MJAA Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Church: MJMI Messianic Jewish Movement International
Church: Old Time Gospel Hour Broadcasters: Jerry Falwell
Church: One Place.Com Broadcasters: Consolidates Selected Christian Broadcasters
Church: Promise Keepers Promise Keepers
Church: Promise Keepers; Photos From the Washington, DC. Rally
Church: Promise Keepers; Article Washington Post Report
Church: Reformed Church  
Church: Salvation Army The Salvation Army
Church: Seventh Day Adventist SDAnet.org
Church: Seventh Day Adventist SDA Organizations Listing
Church: Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Jimmy Swaggart / Donnie Swaggart
Church: Times Square Church Pulpit Series; David Wilkerson
Church: Urban Alternative Broadcasters: Dr. Tony Evans
Church: UMJC Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations
Church: United Pentecostal Church Official Homepage
Church: United Pentecostal Church Church Search
Church: Voice of the Martyrs  
Church: Broadcasters: Voice of Prophecy
Church: WFAX 1220 AM Broadcasters: FairFax, VA. USA
Church: Zola Levitt Ministries
Church: What Happened to the Jewish Church? Factors that led to the ostracizing of the Jewish Church born at Pentecost
Circumcision: What Happens During A Circumcision? From CIRP, an anti-circumsion website. Has DL Video
Circumcision: Forskin.org Has very detailed photographs, and a lot of them.
Cleansing Power of the Blood Streaming Multimedia File;
Michael Stevenson
Cleopatra A Biography
Commandments The Law of Moses (613)
Commentary (Bible)
Commentary: Overview ... of the 66 books of the Bible
Commentary: Comparison of Scriptures A Comparison of Selected Scriptures effecting Christian doctrine"
Commentary: Eye of the Needle #1 Examines the parable
Commentary: Eye of the Needle #2 Examines the parable
Commentary: ISAIAH Commentary on the Prophecies of Isaiah
Commentary: Luke The Gospel of Luke Commentary
Commentary: Luke #2 The Gospel of Luke Commentary
Commentary: Luke #3 On Luke 3:1 & 2
Commentary: Luther Prod. Luther Productions Bible Tutors
Commentary: Matthew For Mature Audiences, Questions wording of Mt 29:19
Commentary: Minor Prophets A Downloadable PDF Study
Commentary: Revelation Study Guide A Commentary and Study Guide to the Revelation
Commentary: Revelation Study Guide #2 A Commentary and Study Guide to the Revelation
Commentary: The Bible Tutor Wonderful Bible Companion and Study Aid
Commentary: Timing Matthew 24:1&2 70AD or some future event?
Confession The Purpose of Confession in a Believer's life, as taught by Charles Stanley
Councils (Church)
Council: Nicea: Council of Nicea, 325 AD
Country: Bahamas: The Bahama Islands
Country: China (See Above on This page
Country: Egypt Ministry of Tourism
Country: Iraq Maps
Country: Israel Links
Country: Italy Includes the Roman Empire
Country: Kosovo Roadmap of Kosovo
Country: Liberia Factsheet w/ some history from the US State Dept.
Country: Russia Eastern Block Resources
Country: United Kingdom England
Country: USA: United States Agencies of the US Government.
Country: USA: United States Vietnam
"Created To Live" by Dr. James Stone
Creeds: Apostle's Creed Text of
Creeds: Athanasian Creed Text of
Creeds: Creeds & Confessions Texts from Various Creeds
Creeds: Nicene Creed Texts of, Circa 325AD
Creeds: Westminster Confession The Westminster Confession of Faith, 1946
Creeds: Westminster Confession #2 Windows on Westminster
Cremation Cremation... What does the Bible say?
Crouch, Andre Andre Crouch and the Disciples, Contact Information
Crucifixion: Medical Aspects Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion, Compiled by David Terasaka, MD.
Crucifixion: Medical Aspects 2 Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion, Compiled by David Terasaka, MD. (Roman Catholic Site)
Cyrus, King King Cyrus of Persian in History


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