Deuteronomy 6:4
4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

    I personally understand this verse for exactly what it reads and teaches, that YHVH is one. The specific use of the name of God, "YHVH" before and after the word "one" in the definition ends any Trinitarian confusion of multiple persons in the Godhead. The fact that the proper name of God is repeated twice teaches that the definition of God found here is of one Person.

Trinity Error:
    Trinitarians attempt to teach that the use of the word " 'echad" as the word one indicates a "compound unity". Even if that were true, do we not understand the different aspects of this Almighty God who had revealed Himself to us?

  • His fierceness as opposed to His mercy?
  • His wrath as compared to His salvation?
  • His love as opposed to His hate?
  • His forgiveness as opposed to His judgment?
Yet all these aspects of the one God are true and contained within His being. "'Echad" does not refer to multiple persons. Three Persons is simply an invention. and those two words are never found within the sacred scrolls anywhere. What is revealed to us from the scriptures are His many attributes of His being, of which mercy is a prominent one that applies to those who have received His salvation.

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